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Torque Transducer Calibration Services:
Accredited calibration services are available for torque transducers of virtually any manufacture (subject to ability to mount the unit into our calibration stands); within the ranges of 10 ozf-in to 4,000,000 lbf-in. Different types of calibrations are offered as described below:

 For torque transducers of S. Himmelstein and Company manufacture only:

Speed (rpm) Calibration Services:
Accredited speed calibrations are available for speeds from 900 rpm to 10,000 rpm.  Measured speed is compared to that from a precision/high resolution encoder.  For the standard speed calibration, three data points are taken; 900 rpm, maximum rated rpm of the transducer, and one point halfway between.

Load Cell Calibration Services:
The Himmelstein laboratory scope of accredited services includes force calibrations from 5 lbf to 500 lbf.  For universal load cells, unit is loaded 10 points up and 10 points down in both tension and compression.

mV/V Calibration Services:
Precision calibration of mV/V output devices is available from 0.5 mV/V to 5.0 mV/V.

Sample Calibration Certificates:
Various samples of calibration certificates/data are available for download as follows:

Sample DC Torque Transducer Cert
Sample mA Torque Transducer Cert
Sample RTM DC Cert
Sample RTM mV Cert
Sample Speed Cert

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