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RTM 2270V/2280V Precision Reaction Torque Transducers with Digital Output

These Reaction Style Torque Transducers accurately measure static and dynamic torque, output signal is provided in both analog and digital form. They will measure static torque when installed as a reaction transducer, or they can be used for in-line rotating torque measurement where the angular motion is limited to less than a full rotation. Installation is through attachment to the mounting flanges. 2280V Series models have the mounting bolt circle outboard of the sensor body thus simplifying installation. If radial clearance is limited, select the 2270V Series which has an inboard mounting bolt circle.

Each is easy to use with included interface software that allows fast PC setup and re-configuration while selecting from up to 10 units of measure, all without re-calibrating. There are no pots or other parts subject to misadjustment during vibration or by unauthorized users.

Both Series are characterized by high torsional stiffness, and low deflection. Analog and digital outputs are simultaneously available. Overload capacity is twice (2X) rated torque and they handle extraneous loads with low crosstalk. All are calibrated CW and CCW to rated load in our ISO 17025, NVLAP accredited laboratory (NVLAP lab code 200487-0). They have high accuracy, up to ±0.05% of full scale combined linearity and hysteresis, low drift, exceptional temperature performance and 150% overrange on the electrical output signal.

See complete specifications in b7721_final.

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